III Country Coordination Committee SIPPO Colombia

On September 19 and 20 of the current year, the Country Coordination Committee of SIPPO Colombia was held in the city of Bogotá with the purpose of reviewing the export behavior of each of the priority sectors for Colombia: Sustainable Tourism, Processed Foods and Natural Ingredients.

III Country Coordination Committee SIPPO Colombia

The purpose of this commitee was essentially to evaluate the activities carried out during the present year and plan the activities for the year 2020 that will be carried out with the   BSO´s beneficiaries of the program to positively impact the exports of the three sectors. The event was attended by the 5 BSOs benefiting from the SIPPO program: ProColombia, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, FEDECACAO, Red Cacaotera and ACOTUR, as well as key actors from the 3 sectors such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Colombia Productiva program, the ANDI, Swisscontact and the Economic Cooperation and Development of Switzerland (SECO).

During the sessions that were held in sectors for this occasion, each of the BSOs presented its export strategy. Within the Sustainable Tourism session, ProColombia and ACOTUR presented the initiatives requested from SIPPO for the year 2020, with the following being prioritized:

  • PROCOLOMBIA: 1) Support for the Sustainable Tourism Export Route. 2) Swiss Expert Workshop on Sustainable Tourism 3) Study Tour Promotion and Brand Sustainable Tourism Switzerland. 4) Support to ProColombia in obtaining new buyers for the Macrorueda Nature Travel Mart.
  • ACOTUR: 1) Support in the Construction of the Strategic Planning of ACOTUR 2020-2025 - Export Promotion Component. 2) CRM ACOTUR implementation and results-oriented model indicator system. 3) Monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Tourism Market Study in the markets of Switzerland, France, England and Germany.

There were also synergies between the two BSOs and the Swiss cooperation programs, particularly the Nature Tourism projects of the Most Competitive Colombia Program.

In the afternoon the presentation of the Processed Food sector was carried out with emphasis on the Cocoa and Chocolate subsector and in the presence of representatives of FEDECACAO, the Cacaotera Network, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and ProColombia, who in addition to an analysis The sector talked about its export strategy and the activities to be developed with SIPPO in 2020 to increase exports of cocoa and its derivatives.

These were the approved activities:

  • PROCOLOMBIA: Consulting tools search buyers cocoa and chocolate Swiss and European market, databases, search engines.
  • Bogotá Chamber of Commerce: 1) Accompaniment Design Chocolate Export Strategy. 2) Networking national entities: "Table Processed Foods". 3) Capacity building for internal market analysis using the SIPPO TPC material. 4) Participation Chocoa Fair in Amsterdam.
  • FEDECACAO: 1) Chocoa effective participation in Amsterdam. 2) ChocoShow buyers mission.
  • RED CACAOTERA: 1) Accompaniment in the creation of the Network Business Unit Sector Export Strategy with MRM and measurement of results. 2) CRM RED CACAOTERA implementation and system of indicators Results oriented model. 3) Training of Cacaotera Network officials in Matchmaking and Communication for Trade Fairs.

Finally, for the third session that took place on the second day and that convened the Natural Ingredients sector with an emphasis on cosmetics, the participation of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and ProColombia was also attended, the Colombia Productiva program was also present and, likewise, that in the previous two sessions, important synergies were found between the different actors in the sector, the networking of the SIPPO Program and the other Swiss cooperation programs, particularly the most Competitive Colombia program, implemented by Swisscontact.

By 2020, SIPPO, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and ProColombia, will develop the following activities:

  • Bogotá Chamber of Commerce: 1) Accompaniment Design Export Strategy Natural Ingredients. 2) Installation of capacities in the CCB to generate market studies of the sector 3) Effective participation in InCosmetics 2020 Barcelona, ​​March 31 - April 2.
  • PROCOLOMBIA: Training to study Cannabis market for cosmetic use (activity pending approval).

The presentations of the CCC can be downloaded at the following link: 

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